Are your rings water resistant/waterproof?

Our "Ready to Ship" wood and antler rings are water-resistant but not waterproof, as you will find with most wood and antler rings on the market. Our jeweler seals the bands in with a jewelry resin but they are not meant to to be worn in the shower and in the pool/lake/ocean. They will not fall into pieces after one shower, but please don't make it a habit. You wouldn’t put your axe with the wood handle in the dishwasher right? Same deal! **Obvious submerged water damage to your wood or antler ring will void your no hassle one year warranty**

Our "Made to Order" wood, antler, dinosaur bone, and meteorite rings are made with a sealant that is more resilient to water than our Ready to Ship rings. We still do recommend that you keep these rings out of submerged water (pool, ocean, lake, bath, etc) but showering with it is fine. Because these rings are made with more premium materials, they carry a FREE Limited  Lifetime warranty, we will replace or repair any damage to a Founder's or Custom wood ring and we don't make ya pay for the warranty - pretty nifty!

Most solid metals are ok to get wet (but still dry them off well!), except Damascus Steel. It doesn’t like chlorine or salt water, so it’s a bad choice for water.

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