Do you offer groomsmen or Manly gifts?

Looking for a gift? We’ve got you covered. Here are some awesome deals that are so manly they practically scream, “I take every opportunity to suggest an arm wrestling contest!” Whether it's for your groomsmen, a friend, family member, or yourself - we have something cool for everyone. We've wrapped them up all nice and pretty for you too - no stress equals a happy groom! We've got your back for the whole pack.

Some of the things we offer are leather journals, flasks, coozies, and bracelets. We'll be adding things periodically, so check them out HERE.

Peep the deets below:

  • Order from Manly Bands
  • Shipped from partner vendors
  • Their policies and procedures apply
  • Shipping will depend on their policies
  • Returns and exchanges are handled through their Customer Service departments
  • Warranties may vary, depending on the vendor’s policy
  • Manly Bands discount codes are not applicable, however, discounts may be applied to items ordered in bulk (see info on each product page)
  • Engraving is not offered

Manly Gifts Partners:

Carbon Fiber Gear

Swanky Badger

Jewelry by Johan


Lifetime Leather Co

Sturdy Brothers

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