Do you offer quarter sizes?

We offer quarter sizes ONLY with Founder's Line, Gentleman’s Reserve and Custom rings. :) 

Our Ready to Ship rings ($300 or under) only come in whole or half sizes.

If you want a quarter size with a Ready to Ship ring, no biggie. If you are a 9.75, order a size 10, and you can purchase silicone sizing beads on Amazon. They can bring it down a quarter size to make it fit like a 9.75. :) Easy Peasy!

But first, please purchase our Manly Ring Sizer. This is the only way to get an accurate size of your finger. :) You can purchase that HERE

If you got sized at a jeweler? It may not tell the whole story. Your ring size fluctuates up to a size and a half in a day, so this often leads to inaccurate sizing. If you must go to a jeweler, we recommend getting sized twice at different times of the day and see if you can try on any comfort fit bands they may carry as well.

The Manly Ring Sizer enables you to size yourself multiple times, at different parts of the day to get the most accurate sizing experience. :) 

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