Do you offer ring engraving?

We are ONLY able to engrave our Founder's Line and Custom Rings. If you are ordering one of our other rings and would like it engraved, the best thing to do is find a local jeweler who will do your engraving for a small fee. We have a collection HERE of rings that can ship out right away that are good for engraving with a local jeweler. Engraved rings are not eligible for return or exchange so please make sure that it fits and that you love it before engraving. :) If a band isn't plated, it won't void the limited one year warranty if you engrave it at a jeweler. :)

PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT recommend getting a plated ring engraved (i.e. The CEO, Instigator, Gentleman, Baller, Blue Steel, MVP, Journeyman, Whiz, etc). This weakens the plating, causing chipping, and therefore will void your warranty. The best rings for engraving are plain tungsten or titanium (Hero, Savant, Architect, Mr. Kensington, etc.).

Most rings come with a Manly Bands logo engraving on them. Exceptions to this are rings with wood inserts or our Founder's Line Black Zirconium rings. 

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