What rings are best if I have a Nickel allergy?

No problem! Our all wood rings, solid Carbon Fiber, Titanium, Black Zirconium, and Cobalt Chrome rings are going to be your best bet. Tungsten and Solid Gold have a bit of nickel in them, so avoid those please! :)

  • For all Wood, check out our Gentleman's Reserve Collection HERE
  • For solid Carbon Fiber, check out our Elemental Collection HERE
  • For Titanium: Check out our Titanium collection HERE . Some rings come in a couple metal options so be sure to select Titanium when you go to buy. Our favorite Titanium ring is The Architect :)
  • For Founder's line or for Custom RingsTitaniumBlack Zirconium, and  Cobalt Chrome are your best bets
  • Silicone is also a good option as well, if you want to keep it casual

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